Annual Sports Day


Annual Sports Day


              BAPS SVM RAYSAN, celebrated the Annual Sports Day with great zeal, excitement and in frolicsome atmosphere on 26 January,2019. The celebration started with the Flag hoisting programme by the Pujya Saints Atmavijay  Swami, Nirgunmuni swami  School Director Shri. Ramesh Patel and School Administrators Shri. J G Patel and Shri. Tushar Brahmabhatt. The ‘Jhanda Geet’ Vijay Vishwa Tiranga Pyara….’ was sung by the students.  The ‘March Past’ by the students of different houses was done which set an example of perfect discipline, rhythm, synchrony and co-ordination among the students.

With an objective to promote the idea-‘  Sport is the part of life which makes the learning holistic’ the Annual Sports Meet was organized. The event was set open by lighting of the ‘Baton’ by Pujya saints and management members.  The students entered into the spirit of the occasion in a grand way. There were various games organized for the students class wise as  50 m Race and Frog Jump (Grade 1),Lemon and Spoon Race (Grade 2), Three legged Race (Grade 3), Sack Race( Grade 4), Throw Ball(Grade 5) 100m Race, Long Jump, High Jump (Grade 6-10) and Shot put, Hurdles (Grade 9-12). There were also inter house competitions in the field of Football, Kabbadi and Basket ball. All the students had played with true sportsmanship in the playground. The air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for the young athletes.

The Prize distribution ceremony followed the sports which was conducted in the school auditorium. The students with outstanding achievements in the field of academics and sports were awarded with the trophies by Pujya saints Bhagwat Setu Swami and Nirmal Vandan Swami. Pujya Bhagwat Setu Swami had blessed the students by his thought provoking speech.  He stated the importance of Guru In one’s life. He further said that the students have the blessings of Pramukh Swami Maharaj and of divine Guru Mahant Swami Maharaj to soar upwards and high in all their endeavours.

Dr. Bharat Vaadher (DEO Of Gandhinagar) was chief Guest of the Sports Day Event. He had emphasized on the importance of sports along with academics.  He had suggested parents to promote outdoor activities in their children and to had constant watch on them so that they don’t get addicted towards the access of mobiles and internet. He further asked them not to compare their child with other child. He said each child is a unique one having unique quality.

Principal Monalisa Das presented the School Annual Report. She applauded the achievements of the students in the field of academics and non-academics. She appreciated the decision of the parents for giving an opportunity to their children for getting education in the school blessed by Param Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj. She further made the parents acquainted by the various co-curricular activites conducted throughout the year in the school.

To encourage the student for the best behavior and performance award for the best student classwise were given and likewise educators were also recognized for their work.  The highlights of the celebration were ‘Drill of dumb bell’ followed by Lezium steps, Gymnastic moves and Pyramid formation. It was a day filled with sportsmanship, enthusiasm and memories to cherish.