Maths Week


Mathematics: Begins with minuteness, Ends with Magnificence

BAPS SVM RAYSAN, celebrated ‘Maths Week’ with an aim to explore the unknown areas and encourage the students to think, discuss, assimilate ideas and concepts of Maths with great ease. The week was set open by Principal Monalisa Das and the Maths educator of Grade 6 to 12.

The students showcasing their talents prepared various charts on different topics as: Puzzles, riddle games, bio-sketch of Mathematicians, formulae, graphs and shapes. Nothing in this world exists without a shape or a pattern. The tree leaves, water rocks, the solar system or machines, computers are all following patterns of all sorts of mathematical shape. The students of Std 9th had explained various 2d shapes along with their properties using the hands covered with gloves in a very creative way.

The morning assembly during the week comprised of daily mathematical activities, information on the importance of mathematics in day- to- day life was shared. Derivation of various formula       

were explained in a simple way to inculcate interest and reduce the Maths phobia in the students. The weeklong celebration ended with house wise quiz competition.

The celebration of ‘Maths week’ enabled the students to look deep into the problems help them to see the things in their right perspective even if they seems to be different.